PRINCE2 (R) 2009 In Action - PBPP2IA

PRINCE2 is recognized as the best practice project management method and is being adopted by organizations in all sectors in the UK and internationally. PRINCE2 is a generic structured, controlled, repeatable and robust project management method that can be used to manage any size and complexity of project.

Key to the successful use of PRINCE2 is how it is used in practice and tailored to meet the different needs of projects. This conversion from theory to practical application is, too often, underestimated and mishandled.

This one-day course, available on a closed course basis only, offers delegates practical guidance on how PRINCE2 can be applied for maximum benefit on projects in the workplace. This course will use the latest version of the PRINCE2 manual (Fifth Edition, 2009).

This practical workshop is delivered by a skilled facilitator with extensive experience of using PRINCE2 in the workplace.


Delegates will be presented with a Project Mandate to use during the event. A number of success criteria will be indicated. The lecturer will take on the role of the Project Executive.

Delegates will undertake the PRINCE2 process: Starting up a Project. Including:

  • Ensuring that Starting up a Project is tailored appropriately to the project
  • In small groups, assign project management roles appropriate to the needs of the project
  • Creating a Project Product Description for the project output
  • Ensuring that the initiation stage is planned
  • Seeking approval from the Project Executive to initiate the project

Delegates will undertake the PRINCE2 process: Initiating a Project. Including:

  • Ensuring that Initiating a Project is tailored appropriately to the project
  • Recommending controls appropriate to the needs of the project
  • Creating a Project Plan
  • Seeking approval from the Project Executive to implement the project

Under project constraints, each group of delegates will create their project output (i.e. undertake delivery stages). Including:

  • Allocating Work Packages
  • Undertaking quality reviews
  • Reporting progress to the Project Executive
  • Resolving issues that may arise

Delegates will undertake the PRINCE2 process: Closing a Project. Including

  • Each group presenting to the Project Executive the final product for sign-off
  • A group wrap-up session to review what action points and lessons delegates have learned to take back into the workplace.

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Course Information

This one-day course is designed for delegates who already hold the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification and want more practical knowledge of how to apply the method to projects. Typically delegates may be drawn from the user community, management or project sponsors or project support office personnel.

Delegates are requested to bring their PRINCE2 (Fifth Edition 2009) manual for reference.

Prior to attending the event, it is advised that delegates refresh their knowledge of the following sections within the PRINCE2 manual:

  • Organization (Chapter 5)
  • Quality Review (section 6.3.2)
  • Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment (Chapter 19)
  • Issue Report (Section A.13)
  • Product Descriptions (Section A.17)
  • Project Product Description (Section A.21)
  • Understand the application of PRINCE2 in the workplace
  • Create information needed to populate some of the PRINCE2 management products, such as the Project Product Description
  • Initiate a project correctly to ensure that the project pre-requisites are in place to produce the required outputs
  • Negotiate for the use of resources whilst still maintaining the quality expectations
  • Appreciate the importance of tailoring PRINCE2 to the specific needs of a project
  • Manage issues that may arise during the project lifecycle

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