Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Site Administrators (Power User) - SPSA07

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required by a site administrator of a Windows SharePoint Services v3 / Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site. The course is targetted at the information worker already running a single WSS/MOSS site, rather than acting in the main role of system administrator. The course does cover a select number of basic elements of the administration of SharePoint itself.

The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises taking up the majority of the training.


Lesson 1 - SharePoint 2007 Architecture and Site Model

  • Topic A - SharePoint Architecture
  • Topic B - Architecture of a Server Farm
  • Topic C - Relationship between WSS and MOSS
  • Topic D - Site Model
  • Topic E - Relationship between the Web Application, Site and Child collections

Lesson 2 - Working with Site Permissions

  • Topic A - Understanding Permissions
  • Topic B - Users, Groups and Profiles
  • Topic C - Permissions and Inheritance
  • Topic D - SharePoint Permissions Matrix
  • Topic E - Assigning Permissions
  • Topic F - Authentication

Lesson 3 -Administration

  • Topic A - Site Administration
  • Topic B - Site Templates
  • Topic C - Branding, Galleries and Navigation
  • Topic D - Server Administration
  • Topic E - Central Administration
  • Topic F - Blocked File Types
  • Topic G - Backing Up
  • Topic H - Usage Analysis Processing

Lesson 4 - Policies

  • Topic A - Understanding Policy Management
  • Topic B - Governance and Policy Issues
  • Topic C - Custom Content Types
  • Topic D - Record Center
  • Topic E - Record Center and Workflows
  • Topic F - Document Status

Lesson 5 - Audiences

  • Topic A - Create and Manage Audiences
  • Topic B - Targeted Web Parts

Lesson 6 - Business Intelligence

  • Topic A - Using SharePoint 2007 with the Microsoft Office System
  • Topic B - Dashboard and KPI Lists
  • Topic C - Excel Services
  • Topic D - Business Data Catalog
  • Topic E - Microsoft Office Version Compatibility & Issues
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Course Information

  • Before attending this course, delegates should have attended (SharePoint 2007 for End Users) or have equivalent knowledge.

  • Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the pre-requisites you may be asked to leave.

  • understand the SharePoint 2007 Architecture and Site Model
  • work with Site Permissions, Users and Groups
  • use the Default Permissions Matrix and Inheritance
  • carry out Basic Server Administration and Site Administration
  • create and Save Site Templates
  • create and Implement Content Types
  • apply Policies and Governance
  • use Records Center to Archive documents
  • report on Workflow and Status
  • use Audiences to target content to specific groups of users
  • use the Business Intelligence features of SharePoint
  • understand Excel Services, Dashboard and KPI's
  • use the Business Data Catalog

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