Microsoft Expression Web 2007 Level 1 - DXWEB07L1

If you are designing web sites primarily for the World Wide Web, then you should attend the Expression Web course. In this course you will create sites designed to work on web servers and use Dynamic Web Templates to create reusable content.

You want to make some information available on the Internet. To do this, you might want to design, build, and upload a website. The features and functions in Expression Web will enable you to create a website to suit your requirements.

Please Note: This course has some topics which overlap with the SharePoint Designer Level 1 course and therefore the following should be considered when choosing which course to attend.

In the SharePoint Designer course, you will create sites based on SharePoint templates and use SharePoint's Master Pages to generate reusable information. You will explore content specifically for use in SharePoint, such as Lists, Libraries and Workflows.

Target Audience

This course is intended for delegates who want to create web pages and websites in a graphical application.


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Expression Web

  • Topic 1A: Overview of Website Development
  • Topic 1B: Explore the Expression Web Interface
  • Topic 1C: Customize the Expression Web Interface

Lesson 2: Designing the Layout of a Website

  • Topic 2A: Define a Website
  • Topic 2B: Design Layouts Using Layout Tables
  • Topic 2C: Define Standard Layout Components
  • Topic 2D: Create a Dynamic Web Template

Lesson 3: Adding Content to a Website

  • Topic 3A: Create a Home Page
  • Topic 3B: Add Text to a Web Page
  • Topic 3C: Import Pages to a Website
  • Topic 3D: Format Text
  • Topic 3E: Work with Tables
  • Topic 3F: Work with Images

Lesson 4: Formatting a Website Using CSS

  • Topic 4A: Introduction to CSS
  • Topic 4B: Create an External Style Sheet
  • Topic 4C: Attach an External Style Sheet
  • Topic 4D: Create an Internal Style Sheet
  • Topic 4E: Modify an External Style Sheet

Lesson 5: Working with Links

  • Topic 5A: Create Hyperlinks
  • Topic 5B: Create Bookmark Links
  • Topic 5C: Format Text Hyperlinks
  • Topic 5D: Create a Hotspot

Lesson 6: Adding Interactivity

  • Topic 6A: Add an Interactive Button
  • Topic 6B: Open a Page in a New Browser Window
  • Topic 6C: Create a Rollover
  • Topic 6D: Add an Audio File

Lesson 7: Finalizing a Website

  • Topic 7A: Check for Accessibility
  • Topic 7B: Check for Compatibility
  • Topic 7C: Generate CSS Reports Topic
  • Topic 7D: Check the Site Summary Report
  • Topic 7E: Publish the Website
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